You need a DigiD to request your health certificate, to reserve your theory exam and to authorize driving school Daisy to buy an exam for you. 

Applying for an DigiD code takes about 5 working days. The driving school number of driving school Daisy is 6067X1.


Do you want to authorize driving school Daisy? Then click on the link below to make the authorization with the CBR to make the authorization possible. 

Refresher course

If you have your driving license for a while but you do not feel confident enough to go on the road independently, you can also take refresher courses.
With an instructor next to you you can get used to the car and traffic on the road again. Of course, time can also be spent on the parts that you find difficult. For example, highway or parking.


You can learn the theory yourself with a book, DVD or a USB. Then you can make practice exams and test whether you are ready for the exam. If you are ready, you can apply for your theory exam.

If you find it difficult to learn independently or suffer from dyslexia, you can also opt for a theory course. You can easily reserve the theory exam via the site of the CBR. It is also possible to do an oral or English theoretical exam or to buy extra time. You pay directly with iDEAL when booking. Please note that the CBR can not be paid in cash. Autorijschool Daisy can also request a theory exam for you, please note that there are additional costs involved. If you have passed your theory, it will be valid for 1.5 years. For your practical exam you must be in possession of a valid theory!

What do you bring to your theory exam?

  • Valid ID
  • Your reservation number

Do you want to apply for your theory exam? Click on the button below to request the theory for the CBR.


2ToDrive is a successful experiment that allows young people to obtain their driving licence earlier. This has the advantage that, after obtaining the driving licence until the age of eighteen, they can gain more driving experience with a supervisor. This method has reduced accidents among young drivers in recent years.

You can do your theory exam from the age of 16, you can start driving lessons at 16.5 years and from 17 years you can do all your practical exam! If you are successful, you may start riding with one of the supervisors you have given up to the age of 18. These must meet certain conditions. From the age of 18 you can drive all alone and the complete freedom begins.

Supervisor Pass; you must apply for this before you can apply for your driving licence at the municipality!

Interim test

This is a test exam at the CBR with a real examiner. It is the same as a practical exam, but you can not succeed or fail. You can, however, receive an exemption for your special transactions so that you no longer have to do that on your next full practical exam. This exemption is only valid once.

You will also receive points of interest for the continuation of your driving lessons so that you can prepare even better for the practical exam. You do the test at about 2/3 of your driving course. The success rate is higher if you have done an interim test first.

What else are you taking to the interim test?

  • Valid ID
  • Call card
  • Self-reflection form

Practical exam

This is the moment you worked for with your driving lessons. A little healthy tension is part of it and usually passes over when you drive because you have to concentrate on traffic. 

The exam

The exam lasts about 55 minutes. It starts with an introduction and data check at the examiner’s table. Outside the eye test follows, you have to be able to read a license plate about 25 meters away. At or in the car you get a few short inspection or handling questions about the outside or inside of the car.

The ride

The examiner will clearly indicate where you need to go and can choose to map out an independent route by using a navigation system, cluster assignment or an orientation point. No hearing is straight or follow the straight ahead. Of course, you pay attention to the signs yourself. There may also be a situation survey and you will receive two assignments that you carry out by means of a special manouvre. Back at the CBR you will hear the results at the table. In case of an insufficient result, an explanation is given so that you can work on the problems for the next exam. CBR krijg je aan tafel de uitslag te horen. Bij onvoldoende resultaat wordt ook uitleg gegeven, zodat je daaraan kunt werken voor een volgend examen.

What do you bring to the practical exam?

  • Valid ID
  • Call card
  • Self-reflection form

Performance anxiety exam

Your fear of failure is taken into account. The exam is the same as with a regular practical exam, but you do not enter the examination room directly with all other candidates. It takes 80 minutes so that the examiner has more time to put you at ease, he has had a special education for this. If you are still too tensed while driving, you can take time-outs.

What do you bring to the performance anxiety exam?

  • Valid ID
  • Call card
  • Self-reflection form

You can also bring some relaxing music, food or something to drink. 

Health declaration

You must apply for the health certificate yourself at the CBR with your DigiD. Only after this has been approved the driving school can apply for your practical exams.